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Video Marketing: How to Use Video Books in your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is known as one of the best forms of content marketing. It is a sure way to show clients an inside track to what your business is about and how you can provide value to your audience.


In order to successfully do this, you have to know how to. That is where we come in.


A few amazing facts before we get into it:


100 Million hours of video are being watched on Facebook on a daily basis… In a year, 36,500,000,000 hours of video will be watched.


That is staggering considering they just started to get serious with Facebook Watch. Imagine how those numbers will grow in the future.


Mastering video marketing online as well as video in print advertising this will allow you to set yourself apart from your competition. Video in print advertising is something we know as video brochures or video mailers.


Provide Insight on How Your Company is Different


You should use video as a way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Odds are, if you are in a non-competitive market, none of your competition is even using video for their marketing… That is a huge opportunity for you.


The idea behind video marketing is to give your clients an inside track to your business and show them that you do things more effectively than the competition.


Video marketing can help you achieve this.


How Do You Provide That Inside Track to Prospective Clients?


Video books are one of the best ways to achieve that. What is a video book? It is exactly what it sounds like.


It is a piece of print material such as a brochure, a book, pamphlet, or card that has an embedded file in it.


So when you meet with a client and have a presentation to show them, you can effectively show them directly inside your business with a video that pops up when opening the book.


A video book looks something like this:


Upon opening the print material, a client can see directly into that company and learn more about what they do- effectively bridging the gap between the client and the company they are deciding to go with.


Spark Emotion Within The Client


In business you always want to spark emotion with current and prospective clients. Salespeople are always taught this…


That is why a salesperson asks questions about you about your favorite sports team or about your hobbies…


They want to invoke emotions about what you are passionate about.


If they can invoke emotions from you, it is way easier to close the deal.

video brochures media


How do you invoke those emotions?


You have to show these clients something that they will resonate within them. First, you have to know your clients…


That is a given. You have to know exactly what makes your clients tick and how to play into what excites them.


One way to do this is by implementing print advertising with video marketing. So, that means implementing video brochures into your marketing strategy.


You can show a client something that excites them… Someone interested in luxury cars, for example, resonate with the feeling of exhilaration when driving a high powered car.


Showing them a brochure of this car in print advertising form– encompassing images and well-worded text mixed with a video or multiple videos embedded, will help to give them those feelings.


Including a video of the car reaching high speeds gives while gripping the road is something that easily resonates with car enthusiasts. Capturing that emotion with a client is something you can easily do with a video brochure.


Educate Clients


Salespeople are often taught that if they don’t close the deal after a long deliberation, it is because they didn’t educate the consumer enough.


They didn’t paint the full picture. While we know that there are more factors than just this point, educating your customer is still imperative to the process.


If you run business that is difficult to understand or you have a new product that just hit the market, it is necessary to show your customers what it is all about. The key word here is “show


video marketing training

The Visual Learners


Like we highlighted before, most people are becoming visual learners. This is as a result of video becoming more and more popular and prevalent in our society.


People aren’t just looking to read about things to learn these days… They are seeking content that shows them what to do.


You can do, just this, in an educational video book. The main point of focus is the video to capture their attention. This embedded video is put in place to educate the consumer on the product and why they need it in their lives.


Video Mailers and Video Books


As we have highlighted in this article, video mailers, brochures, books, pamphlets, and boxes can help you achieve certain marketing goals in 2018.


Whether you are looking to capture a client’s emotions, separate yourself from your competition, or educate your potential clients, embedded video within print can make a significant impact in achieving these goals.


Video brochures are the ultimate way to impress a client- something that is often overlooked in the sales process.


More on Video Brochures


Video Brochures are embedded files within a promotional brochure, pamphlet, or a card.


They have a ton of benefits in how they can appeal to your target market and get people excited about doing business with you.


As we know, video is turning about to be increasingly popular in today’s world. Meshing video with traditional forms of advertising make a world of the difference.


For more on video brochures, video mailers, and the specifics of how they work, check out this article.




Overall, you should be incorporating video into your marketing budget if you aren’t already doing so.


Many companies are finding that video marketing has helped them increase their amount of leads and conversions.


One of the best ways to do that is by implementing video-in-print marketing.

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5 Ways to Build a Better Brand Using Video

A strong brand is crucial to the success of any company, regardless of your industry. Branding is how you introduce your business to the world and set expectations for the services you provide. Naturally, every company looks for ways to improve their brand. The most effective way to do that? We say, embrace the power of brand video.

Today’s consumers increasingly prefer, and react more strongly to video over any other medium. Consider these statistics (source):

  • One-third of online activity is spent watching video.
  • 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

If you don’t have any experience with video, you may be wondering where to start. So, today we break down five ways you can use video to improve your brand. Keep reading!

1. Vlogs

Blogging is one of the most effective ways a business can build their brand. Blogs, when written well, provide great content to share on social media and often boost your brand authority. But, as we see an increasing shift from written content to video content, we recommend giving vlogging—or video blogging—a try.

Vlogs provide all the benefits of a blog – informative content, conversational tone, actionable insights – in a more digestible, visually appealing package. If you want to get your brand in front of more eyes, video blogging is the way to go. In fact, videos receive 12 times more social media shares than link or text posts combined (source).

So, the next time you have an idea for a blog, consider how you can turn the idea into a vlog rather than a written post. Keep in mind, vlogs should be short and entertaining while still packing enough information to be worth the viewer’s time.

2. Brand story videos

The best way to build a brand people trust is to give consumers an inside look at your company—its message, history, and the real people behind the work you do.

Brand storytelling can be effective in many forms, but video has proven to be the best medium to elicit an emotional response from your audience. Start with a short video that details your brand’s creation and growth. What message was your brand founded on? What kind of experience do you aim to deliver to your customers?

Customer testimonials are another effective form of brand storytelling. Film case study interviews with your top customers, highlighting what your brand has done for them. A quick success story video can establish your company as a reputable, trustworthy brand that delivers on its promises.

Check out the following article to learn more about incorporating brand storytelling into your video strategy: What is Brand Storytelling: A Q&A.

3. Video brochures

Every brand strives to stand out from the rest of the pack. To do that, you must offer something different, an innovative twist on the tried-and-true methods of communicating with customers. Enter: video brochures.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, video brochures include embedded video files within a promotional brochure, pamphlet, display or invitation. A video brochure includes a small LCD screen inside of the physical brochure or book. Video brochures are effective in growing your brand for several reasons:

  • They grab attention: People aren’t expecting to see a video when they open a physical brochure. They likely expect the traditional combination of images and text. But, even the best brochures aren’t exactly inventive.
  • They offer variety: Traditional brochures don’t offer much freedom for creativity. They include relevant information alongside some images, and that’s pretty much it. With video brochures, you have room to include a product demo or how-to video, a brand story video, or even a personalized message to your customers.
  • They provide more value: If you’re lucky, a prospect will read through your brochure once and then cast it aside. Video brochures can include valuable videos, such as product demos, that can be referenced many times after a customer first opens it. Long term value goes a long way toward keeping customers engaged with your brand.

4. Video business cards

Video business cards accomplish something similar to video brochures– a unique twist on a classic business concept. A traditional business card tells people who you are, what you do, and how to reach you. That’s great– but it’s almost impossible to make your business card stand out from the pack, and it’s likely to be lost or, even worse, tossed in the trash.

A video business card includes all the same information, but features a video that plays when opened. Instead of a standard card that tells people who you are, you can show them who you are with a visual presentation. This gives you the opportunity to make your business card more personable, so you and the brand you represent will be instantly memorable to whoever receives it.

And while this video can be used in a physical format, it can also be used in digital formats. Consider it your video email signature!

5. Live video streaming

Live video streaming is one of the newest and most effective ways brands leverage video for marketing. In fact, we’ll let these live video statistics speak for themselves:

  • People spend 3 times longer watching a live video on social media compared to a prerecorded video (source).
  • Live video is more appealing to brand audiences: 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts (source).
  • 45% of live video audiences would pay for live, exclusive, on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker, or performer (source).

Live video can help build your brand because it allows you to interact with your audience in real time. You can host a live Q&A, stream coverage of an event, unveil a new product, and more. And, all the major social platforms now have built-in streaming capabilities, so it’s easier than ever to captivate your audience with live video.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, your guide to building your brand with video. Of course, this list is far from comprehensive– there are countless ways to effectively use video in today’s digital world. But, these five methods are a great starting point if you want to add some creativity, personality and emotional connection to your branding strategy.

About the Author: Sam Holzman is the Content Marketing Specialist at ZoomInfo where he writes for their B2B blog. ZoomInfo is a leading business contact database that helps organizations accelerate growth and profitability. Sam regularly covers topics related to sales, marketing, and recruiting, and likes to write about sports and travel in his free time.


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How Video Marketing Can Add Value To Your Business

video book

In today’s trends, we know one thing for certain, a video marketing strategy is a must.


Today’s marketers know that video content is the consumer’s medium of choice, and thus is a key component to any successful marketing strategy. Whether you’re a law office, bakery, real estate agent or entrepreneur- video marketing could transform your business.


Video content can lend a helpful hand in a variety of marketing and business goals including sales, retention, customer experience and education, etc.


In this blog post we’ll be discussing a variety of video marketing implementations and how they’re helping businesses across the board.


video marketing


Building your Brand Identity


If you’ve never delved into video marketing before, then chances are your brand identity could use some extra attention.


Your brand identity encompasses how your business presents itself to prospective customers and search engines; which directly affects the type of customers you attract and ultimately sell.


Content creators like Buzzfeed employ younger personnel to promote their young and personable branding, so it’s no wonder why more than half of their audience fall between the ages of 18-34


Using video content to showcase your company can set you apart from your competition (no matter how similar your offerings may be) and help you appeal to your target audience. Any form of strong digital marketing will help you.



How to Increase Your Brand Identity


Building brand identity is done in many ways…


Like the Buzzfeed example, they know that they’re target audience is between the ages of 18-34… So, the best way to increase their brand identity is by getting content creators in that age group.


So, anyone in that age range can relate to content produced by individuals in that same age range.


  • Keep your target market in mind at all times.


Your target market is the main focus in this. Your brand is only as good as the people who will interact with it. Keeping an eye out for what the target market is interested in is you can develop viral video marketing.


video marketing shark


  • Provide content for people with common questions in your industry.


How? Go to and search up your industry


For this example, we are a wordpress development business who is looking to create content around questions people have. Their idea is to get great click through rate, increase conversions, and provide a call to action to get people interested in their development company.


When searching ‘wordpress development’ on Quora, you can see the most popular questions tied to that search query. This is where you get your inspiration for video production so you can answer common questions.


wordpress development


You can answer these questions on your site in your own content and establish yourself as the best resource for anyone with similar questions. Doing this not only helps brand awareness, but it also helps potential clients pay attention to you..


People love to work with businesses that know what they are doing. In a marketing campaign you should always try to establish yourself as an expert.



Educating New Customers


Sometimes onboarding a customer can be difficult. Especially if that customer has trouble following verbal and/or written directions. The Social Science Research Network reports that 65% of people are visual learners, so it makes sense to use video as a way to better streamline your process.


Explainer Videos” help users understand a product/service quickly while refraining from the standard and, let’s face it, boring instructional documents. These videos can not only help retain more customers, but also improve your customers overall experience.


video marketing training


The more you educate people, the more likely they are to do business with you. In this sense, knowledge is power.


If you create a video for a potential client, this can bridge that communication gap.



 How to Educate Customers


One way, is by utilizing video brochures, an embedded video file within a promotional piece of print advertising. A video brochure can be a book, brochure, pamphlet, box, or card.


They are kind of like those cards that play audio the second you open it. But with these, there is a high quality video embedded in it, along with the text content to make it look extremely professional.


Educating these customers with a video book is extremely simple. Say you launch a new product… Something that is new and changes the way that people do things.


Chances are, this product isn’t something people are not too familiar with so it is necessary to teach them about it. Well, all you would have to do is produce a high-quality video about how to use the product and how that product is useful.


video book


That is something that can instantly engage and educate a potential client. Doing so can drastically improve the chances of doing business with them.


Video books are your chance to win clients over with brand videos.



Fielding Support


Have you ever heard the saying “killing two birds with one stone”?


Using video to offer support and answer frequently asked questions is just the way to do that.


With quality customer service and support being of top importance when trying to retain customers, it’s imperative you take proactive measures.


Many companies are using video as a means to help manage their support queries, and 47% have found this has reduced the amount of customer support related inquiries.


This decrease has helped many brands save money on expensive customer support teams, all whilst gaining your customer’s respect by staying one step ahead.


video brochure connection



Key Takeaway


Using video to streamline your process and cater to customers can be an effective way to:


  • Win more sales
  • Educate customers on your product or service
  • Build your brand
  • Offer support and answer questions
  • Improve your customers overall experience





Video marketing can make a huge difference in your business. Having high quality video in your marketing, whether that is in print advertising or in online marketing, can add value to your business.

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5 Reasons Businesses Should Employ Video Marketing In 2018

video marketing

As the times push forward so do our cultural “norms”. And now, more than ever, we are living in a day and age where the majority of people are visual learners. Tap into those visual learners by utilizing video marketing.


This change has launched a video revolution in the marketing world. Wyzowl, a popular video marketing and research site, reports that 63% of businesses have incorporated video marketing into their strategy plan. This trend has been fueled by positive results and feedback since many consumers prefer the convenience of watching a short video instead of reading a longer article.  


Unquestionably, video marketing is one of the newest tools in your marketing tool box and you may still have doubts on its efficacy, so here are our top 5 reasons why businesses need video marketing:


Take Advantage of the Second Largest Search Engine in the World


video marketing youtube


Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. In case you’re unfamiliar with Youtube (or have never used it) it’s a search engine used to find, watch and upload video content. The Huffington Post reports that Youtube has an estimated 1 billion visitors per month; That is a market that can’t be ignored.



Many businesses are taking advantage of Youtube’s amazing platform and are reaping the benefits from it. Just like ranking in Google, you can earn large amounts of revenue by attracting advertisers to your video content within YouTube.


Rank Higher in Google


Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world, so being visible on google is important. Having video content on your website can increase your rankings significantly. In fact, you’re 53 times more likely to gain first page rankings if you have videos embedded on your website.


The longer the video, the more time visitors will spend on your site; longer webpage visits builds trust with Google signaling that your website has great content. Whether you offer a product or a service, you can rank higher with the use of video content.

video marketing go pro


Google Rankbrain


Google Rankbrain, In the simplest way possible, is the system (created by Google) that can replace the traditional way of ranking websites in the future.


It measures a website’s value based on how often people click on your site, stay on it, click around to other pages, and other features that signal how people use your site. Currently, Rankbrain isn’t the primary factor for website ranking, but it is still a major factor and should be kept in mind.


So, how can you improve on these key metrics and optimize for rankbrain and other search engines? Well, for one, there is incorporating video content into your marketing strategy. If you can effectively include videos within your content you can appeal to a very large and growing audience. When providing amazing content, Google Rankbrain can award you higher ranking.



Offers Consumers the Advertising They Prefer


According to “eMarketer”, 80% of consumers prefer to watch a video about a product/service vs reading about it. Consumers are roughly 10 times more likely to share, engage and comment on video content when compared to articles or blogs.


Inspires Emotion


Video gives businesses the opportunity to attach emotion to information, which makes for a powerful shopping tool. If you can relate to your audience then you can influence them better, which is why providing consumers with video content is important.


Advertising doesn’t have to feel like advertising. When done right, video marketing can feel like a personable experience for your target market.


Popular Youtube personalities do an amazing job with this. Advertisers will pay them to shout out their products because they know that they have already developed that connection with their audience.


Their audience is happy to listen to a thirty second ad snippet, because their content is worth it. Video production helps to bridge that gap between the consumers and companies.

  video content tablet


Video Showcases your Products/Services Better


More times than not, you’ll be more knowledgeable about your industry than potential customers. Depending on your industry this can create a significant gap in understanding that may cost you a sale.


Breaking down how a service or product is meant to work will make customers feel more confident in their purchases. One of the best, and most time efficient ways to do this is in an “explainer video”. Explainer videos are a great learning tool and will keep the potential buyer engaged and interested.


Product descriptions and titles, done right, have the ability to engage a prospective customer. However, no description can match video evidence of a product in use.


When showcasing some of the best products or services you offer, it is becoming increasingly necessary to show your audience instead of just telling them. One way to do that is implementing blog posts with video content embedded into the articles. Video is the perfect solution to explaining how your product works and how it can solve your client’s problems.


Boost Your Sales and Increase Conversion Rates


Video converts more customers; it’s as simple as that. Wyzowl also highlighted that 76% of businesses have reported an increase in sales in a survey of 576 business owners. 76% of them also reported an increase in traffic as well.


Vision and hearing are our most dominant senses, and videos ensure your audience is exercising both; keeping them more engaged. This can directly lead to more leads and sales. Additionally, it has also been known to increase click through rate.

tablet order marketing


Video Marketing Avenues


So at this point you know how video marketing can benefit your business… It is a huge factor in 2018 and will continue to be more prevalent as long as video continues to trend upwards.


What you might not know is the best way to market your videos…

So, what is the best way to implement video marketing?


In our opinion, it is bridging the gap between video and direct relationship marketing that makes all the difference. You can do that by utilizing new tools called “video brochures” or “video books”.


Video Brochures


A video brochure is an embedded video file into a promotional brochure, card, mailer, book, or box. In plain terms, it allows you to show a video about your company or product without needing to pull out a phone or use anything other than the brochure you are already presenting.


So whether you run an e-commerce site, run a restaurant, or have your own law office, you can give potential clients the inside track to your business with a video.


Video brochures effectively bridge that gap between print advertising and direct relationship marketing to paint a picture to a client on why you are the best business in your industry.


Many are undecided on how marketing will be different in the future. Some think that all marketing should be done online now and others swear by traditional print advertising…


Well, now you can use the best benefits of print advertising and online marketing to boost your conversions and visibility.



A Little More on Video Brochures


Some of the goals behind a video marketing campaign include:


  • Inspire emotion in your audience.
  • Increase leads.
  • Increase conversions.


Video brochures encompass all of these goals and they don’t solely live online. You can have a face-to-face meeting, utilizing many print advertising methods while still using the best of what we have in video technology.


Not only can video mailers and pamphlets help you with online marketing, but they can also help you in direct business meetings.


You can read more about the specifics of video brochures in this article.


video brochure adidas




The benefits of a great video marketing campaign are endless. With video, you can stay in front of your clients more than ever before.


Whether that client sees your video online or they see that video in person, video marketing has been widely known to help businesses grow and achieve new heights.


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Video Brochures: Why Your Business Needs Them in 2018

video brochure connection


These days, you’re either winning in marketing, or you are missing out on marketing opportunities. Our goal, as marketers, is to educate and inspire businesses on how to win in the market.


A sure way to win with marketing in 2018 is utilizing video brochures…


What Are Video Brochures?


Remember those cards you used to get where, upon opening, you would hear a song and maybe some visuals would pop out at you?

That is sort of what video brochures are… but in a more sophisticated way.

Video Brochures, in short, are embedded video files within a promotional brochure, pamphlet, display, or invitation. The videos can be seen within a small lcd screen within printed brochures of any kind. When someone opens the brochure, they get to see first-hand into the company or product before doing any research.


So, that means you can get in front of your target audience and grab a potential client’s attention far before they learn about your business. Instead of telling those clients who you are, you can show them.


video brochure




Print Advertising Modified

Before the dawn of technology, we had the traditional brochure. This traditional form of advertising is still very beneficial to a business but, of course, they are a little outdated. Images and text have done an amazing job at capturing leads historically, but in 2018, is necessary to keep advancing with the trends.


That trend is implementing video marketing with print advertising to create and inspire emotion in your potential clients. This is exactly what an amazing video brings to the table…


Benefits of Implementing Video Brochures Into Your Marketing Strategy



  • You will stand out from your competition


How many brochures have you received that gave you an emotional connection and eventually caused you to make a purchase decision? Odds are you can’t think of many or any for that matter…


Every brochure you get these days seems to be the same. You will see images and lots of paragraphs and maybe a few testimonials. That just, simply, isn’t enough to capture the attention span of our video crazed world.

People want to see your product or service in action and develop that emotional connection with your brand. That is exactly what video brochures bring to the table.

video content



For an example, you are an investor that is going to a business event to find new businesses to invest in:


Company #1 presents you with a brochure about their latest sports car and it contains beautiful images, has a great idea behind it, and includes amazing content.


Then, Company #2 presents you with another brochure about their latest sports car that still contains images, has another amazing idea, includes descriptions and context about the business, but also contains a high quality video, diving deep into the company’s roots and establishes great brand identity.


Which one would you choose to invest in? The company that knows how to establish brand identity with amazing video content.


Many companies are finding that videos are increasing their business and brand recognition, but there are still a ton of businesses that aren’t taking advantage of video technology.


Standing out from your competition is the name of the game in business and video brochures are a sure way to do that.


  1. Allows You to Make an Impact in Direct Marketing


If your business is centered around building and maintaining relationships (especially in the sales process) video brochures are a necessity.

Why? Video brochures can help build those relationships. Think about it, your prospective clients are used to the traditional meeting that consists of:


  • The introduction, where that salesperson asks a ton of questions about you.
  • They start to explain what they do or what their product does.
  • And then they explain how that product or service benefits you.


You have heard this thousands of times, and it stops feeling personal after some time. It just feels like they will say anything to get you to put money down on the same day.


With a video brochure, it changes the way that meeting goes.

Instead of just talking about your business, you can show someone your business. If the video is done right, you can get a prospective client interested the minute they find something useful in that video.


An interaction centered around a creative way to brand your business is what makes a difference. The embedded video within that brochure, alone, is enough to spark inspiration within a client. In turn, this helps you build relationships much easier.





3. Allows For More Marketing Opportunities

Every successful marketing campaign requires a unique approach. Video brochures can accomplish a variety of unique opportunities depending on what you need for your business. Such as:


  • Providing demonstrations and how-to videos about your best product.
  • Launching new ideas and products so your customer stays informed.
  • Providing company insight or a first-hand experience inside the company.
  • Highlighting important customer testimonials.


Any way you can creatively implement video for your target audience, is something that will tremendously benefit your business.


  1. They Work For Any Business


The best part about video brochures and video business cards is how adaptable they are. Whether your business is a large scale corporation with thousands of employees, or you are a small neighborhood business looking to expand, implementing this technology into your business is a great asset.


With this technology the possibilities are endless for your business. Whether you are a lawyer, a doctor, a real estate agent, or an owner of a retail store, video brochures allow you to make the best first impression.


video brochures media


Production Logistics


Here at Video Smart Books, we want to provide the best options for our clients to fit their marketing needs.

We have many options to suit the type of brochure you are looking for. Some of those options include:


  • A screen size that is varied to suit the aesthetic quality of the brochure.
  • Varying resolutions including standard size, HD, and IPS HD quality.
  • Video conversion to fit the size of the screen.
  • Production options for those who do not have any videos.
  • Accommodation of various formats (MP4, MOV, and AVI)


Overall, we can help you find the perfect solution to your video marketing needs.


video smart books



Many Variations


Video brochures come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the many options available include:


  • Video business cards
  • Softcard video brochure
  • Hardcover video brochure
  • Video ring box
  • Luxury video brochures
  • Special shape designs


video smart book brochure




These great innovations help bridge the gap between your brand and the needs of your potential client. The benefits of a great video marketing campaign are endless and shouldn’t be ignored by any business looking to expand. When looking for the solution to building up your brand identity, look no further than an amazing video brochure.


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A good SEO strategy should cover both on-page and technical SEO factors

video marketing training

A good SEO strategy should cover both on-page and technical SEO factors. Yet an SEMrush study found that a significant number of websites are still plagued with technical SEO issues.It’s a best practice to regularly perform an in-depth technical SEO audit on your website to make sure that search engines are able to crawl and index your pages without a hitch.Ruth Burr Reedy, director of strategy at UpBuild, emphasized the importance of investing in technical SEO now and for the long-term when she spoke recently at PeepCon 3.

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Sign up for our daily recaps

Sign up for our daily recaps of the ever-changing search marketing landscape.OK Google … how do I optimize for voice search?Ask that question and you’ll discover that even Google doesn’t know, but it’s trying to learn. For those of us in the SEO field who want to stay up-to-date however, waiting for Google to figure it out isn’t much help. We need to know what’s going on and we need to know it now, before our competitors get the jump on us.Before we dive into the approaches we need to take to optimize for voice search let’s take time to gain and understanding of who is using it.

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Royal Bank of Canada scores high with Adapt

Royal Bank of Canada scores high with Adapt – Learning Pool case studyLast updated: 03-13-2018Read original article hereRoyal Bank of Canada scores high with Adapt – Learning Pool case studydemo zoneRoyal Bank of Canada scores high with AdaptCanadian multinational financial services company – Royal Bank of Canada now boasts a 95% user satisfaction rate and a 38% saving in production time after incorporating Adapt into their learning and development programme.The bank serves over 16 million clients and has 86,000 employees worldwide and has a Learning and Development team that is largely based in Toronto with team members also based in the US, UK, Caribbean, Luxembourg, and Malaysia.