Video Brochure Idea Gallery

Resort and Real Estate

Show your listings with video walk-throughs and slide shows set to music. Excite your buyers about the most appropriate properties. Showcase Luxury Resort opportunities to key prospects. Present your unique Resort, Hotel or Venue features and facilities to attract corporate meetings and incentives, and other special events. Detail commercial listings to key corporate decision makers.

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Finance and Insurance

Target key prospects with your impressive Coverage Services, Wealth Management Capabilities and Business Banking. Build interest, trust and confidence, before and after the meeting.


Automotive Video Presentations

Show-off New Models, Encourage Showroom Visits and Test Drives, Introduce New Products and Accessories and Promote Racing Venues.


Pharma and Healthcare

Reach out to busy Doctors and Key Admins with simple and convenient play on demand video brochures and tablets. Educate patients on new medications and equipment with informative videos that are easy to follow and highly memorable…No lengthy reading material or explanations required.


Consumer Product Video Marketing

Introduce and showcase your new and improved high-end and luxury products. Capture attention and increase impulse purchases with in-store video Point of Purchase displays.


Manufacturing and Technology

Inform customers and potential customers about new products, innovations and capabilities. Draw visitors to tradeshows and events, and provide key takeaway information.


Advertising, P.R. and Media Agencies

Provide new business capabilities presentations, Agency Reels, Portfolios and Introduce Key Account Personnel. Reach out to clients with special New Campaign gifts featuring the latest commercials you are proud to have created on their behalf.
Send the Ultimate P.R. Release.​


Models, Actors and Artists, Photographers and Videographers

Show off your portfolio in a way that separates you from everyone else and get noticed and appreciated. Not only videos, but also slide shows!

Sports, Musicians and Events

Show off your portfolio in a way that separates you from everyone else and get noticed and appreciated. Not only videos, but also slide shows!


Weddings/Family Events

Create unforgettable Invitations, Photo Albums, Reunion Memento’s and Wedding Party Gifts that will be treasured by all.


Greeting Cards and Video Business Cards

The Ultimate in high-end greeting cards, for Christmas, Hanukah, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Milestone Birthdays, New Baby Announcements and more.​ Create the Ultimate Business Card with a 2.4" screen that plays your personal video...built right in!


Political Campaigns

Get your Platform information in the hands of key constituents and organizations. Ask for consideration and generate campaign financing. Thank your major supporters.

Government and Economic Development

Sell your City, State or Community to important businesses looking to build or relocate a new office or manufacturing plant.